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And we assess our wealth
Let's measure first what really counts,
The treasure of good health.
for there is no amount of money
We would take in trade
If merely for the sake of it
We let our good health fade.
Bruce B. Wilmer




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Suggestions for back to school/brain health for your children!!!

What are your children eating? Could it be affecting their behavior or mental clarity?   Have you read ‘Is your child’s brain starving’ by Micheal R Lyon?

There is a lot of information to support that the Standard American diet (SAD) is deficient in nutrients.  We know that this diet feeds the brain only 15% of its requires 85% required nutritional needs. The SAD diet is full of sugar, starch, fat and chemicals.

Have you read the ingredients on some of the breakfast cereals… TSP a degreasing chemical???? Found in Big Brand, Store Brand Cereals… I was told it was to keep the grains fluffy so they didn’t become soggy in the milk.  

Or have you seen Bill Nye the Science Guy perform the experiment of checking the cereals fortified with Iron. He pulled the bag from the cereal box and ran a magnet under it and attracted many iron filings. A good source of “dietary” iron? Not exactly the iron supplement you were expecting in your food?
The Surgeon General stated that 2 out of 10 children now suffer from a diagnosable psychiatric condition such as ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Hyperactivity, defiant disorder, depression and the list goes on. Results of a poor diet is obesity, diabetes, heart disease, poor brain function and mental health issues.

 Dr. Barbara Reed Stitt (author of Foods, Teens and behaviors) and Dr. Alexander Schauss, both find that there is a distinct correlation between diet and brain function which includes behavior. If you put poor nutrition into a body you will get poor behavior and junky brain function.

What should children (and adults) be eating?

PROTEIN 4-6 servings (use your palm size as a serving, child’s palm for a child, adult palm for adults) throughout the day
Eat animal proteins (avoid processed meats), nuts and seeds, protein shakes

VEGTABLES-minimum 1fist serving for every 25 pounds of body weight. NO French fries and ketchup don’t count as veggies.

CARBS-whole grains

BEVERAGES-1/2 oz per pound of body weight.  Avoid artificial sweeteners and carbonated drinks.  Again read labels because some of the bottled water has additives.

FRUIT-not as important as vegetables. Most fruit is 90% carbs.  Vegetables are more nutritious

FATS and OILS- butter, olive oil, coconut oil.  Avoid margarine, canola oils and oils that are reused for deep frying.  Organic fats and oils are important for brain health


Focus ATN is a great product for brain power and function.  New research shows that the brain is still developing into our mid twenties.  This product helps with learning, memory and mood.

Super Omega 3 is a strong anti inflammatory.  We now know inflammation is the root of many degenerative diseases.  Omega 3’s are precursor for hormones and neuro transmitters in the brain..  NSP’s oils are certified lead and mercury free.

Iron carries oxygen to the brain.  Low levels of iron can cause restless leg syndrome and involuntary movement.

Calcium is needed for our bones and it stimulates brain activity.  NSP’s calcium supplements are certified to be lead and mercury free.  Skeletal Strength and Liquid Calcium depending if your child can swallow tablets or not.

Magnesium calms nerves and muscles.  ADHD children usually have low levels.

Super Vits and Minerals for older children if they can swallow pills and Sunshine Heroes Multiple Vitamins and Minerals for children who need chewable

Bifidophilus Flora Force is a wonderful probiotic for children, new and exciting research is revealing a strong connection between our mood and various bacteria that lives within our intestines

Stress Formula increases physical and mental performance, it contains adaptogen herbs aw well as the b vitamin

B-12 helps to prevents fatigue, insomnia, depression, cardio vascular disease, nerve damage, restores appetite, triggers memory and reduces ringing in the ears

Gingko Biloba is an anti-oxidant and can be used for the older student that is struggling to retain information.  In 1989 over 10 million prescriptions were written world wide for this standardized extract.  It helps with healthy brain circulation, enerfy, healthy mental function, short term memory mood and ear function.  Works well with Hawthorn

Sunshine Heroes Vitamin C with Elderberry are chewables for the immune system and adrenal glands.  Older children who can swallow pills can use Adrenal Support