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Stress has a variety of impact possibilities to the physiology of the body, Stress literally causes a pit in your stomach, hives on your skin, loose stools, hair loss, sleepless nights, dry mouth, back pain, headaches, “tics” and about five hundred other responses.   So, what does stress really do; it literally pushes buttons that speed up the adrenal gland causing more cortisol which races the heart, increases blood pressure, burns muscle and starts your metabolism running.  How you handle the stress impacts your immune system response.  Stress impacts several areas in the body and has a negative impact on your health especially when it is constant and sustained as some of you may endure during the Christmas Season.


Vitamin and Mineral Support:  Stress tends to cause an acid pH which burns up your minerals.  It is wise to add additional minerals from the beginning of November until the spring time.  Use Super Vtamins and Minerals, Green Zone, MC or Zambroza with essential liquid minerals mixed together as a liquid support .  Body signals for mineral need would include cold sores, leg cramps at night, itchy skin, legs twitching in bed, craving salt and/or sugar. Some people will benefit by adding Lecithin, CA , Magnesium and GlucoReg


Adrenal Support     Stress exhausts the adrenal glands which is a very important natural pain reliever, hormone maker and blood sugar controller.  Adrenal fatigue is common with the additional hours, schedules and commitments during the holiday season.  Body signal for exhausted adrenal function include dizzy from a sit to a stand position, craving sugar or salt, back going out easy, a need to wear sunglasses, pain and inflammation.


B Vitamins   Stress during the Christmas Season tends to rapidly burn through B Vitamins; you may notice sore muscles, difficulty in staying a sleep, crying easy, noise sensitivity.  B Vitamins are also exhausted additionally with sugar consumption.  I encourage you to take; Stress Tabs, B Complex, Stress Paks or STR-C during this very busy season.


Digestive Enzymes   Stress can shut down the digestive process or/and cause an imbalance in the digestive system that will affect nutrient absorption.  Make sure you are taking Digestive Enzymes or Garden Essence with each meal.


Probiotics   Stress, environmental conditions, poor diet and the use of antibiotics can affect the natural balance of these friendly microbes that populate your intestinal tract. Probiotics help to promote proper digestion and elimination, helps to break down Lactose, helps to produce B vitamins and Vits D and K in your intestinal tract.  Acidophilus-Bifidobacterium and Probiotic 11 on an empty stomach or with meals will help to improve immune system function.


Vitamin D3 (The sunshine vitamin)   Stress plays havoc with the  immune system.  As we move farther away from the sun we do not get the benefit of sun exposure, making it difficult to obtain adequate amounts of Vitamin D3 from the sun…It has been suggested from many natural doctors that supplementing with 6,000 –8,000 IU daily this time of year is beneficial. ( I have many articles on D3 in my newsletters)

 These are a few of my favorites….Not sure what nutrients are right for you? You still have time to book a consultation and make this Holiday Season a Healthy One!  Contact AnnaMarie Now for the Assessment of Your Choice!








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