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 Summary From the book,  "Detoxify or Die"….According to Sherry A. Rogers, M.D.

All humans have chemicals in storage.  For many of the minuscule amounts of chemicals that we daily ingest, absorb and inhale, there is no way out…Our bodies were not meant to metabolize chemicals that were invented yesterday.  I am sure that you have heard it said that these are such tiny amounts of toxins the body can easily detoxify them.  HUMMM?


Any chemical that you can smell in the air makes it way into your bloodstream, as those molecules diffuse from your lungs and even through the skin into the bloodstream, eventually disseminating into all your organs.  Have you read the ingredients on your personal hygiene products?


Auto exhaust contains heavy metals, pesticides, volatile organic hydrocarbons like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and many other foreign chemicals that are all lumped into the term “xenobiotics” (foreign chemicals).


Did you know that the average carpet outgases over one dozen chemicals, all of which are capable of creating disease?


Construction materials like paint and wallboard all contain chemicals: plasticizers in wallpaper, phenols in plywood, formaldehyde in pressed wood kitchens cabinets, bookcases and dresser doors are just a few of the common home construction materials.


We haven’t even mentioned the heavy metals in pesticides that are sprayed all over our fruits and vegetables that we ingest on a daily basis.


Don’t you just hate the smell of the plastic wrap (phthalates) that our  food, clothing, mattresses, pillows, furniture and children’s toys are packaged in?  Our foods wrapped in plastic look innocent enough, but those plastics permeate food and get stuck in the machinery of our bodies.  Think about this, since PCBs, dioxins, and plasticizers are found throughout our foods, nursing infants begin to tank up on enough of these to cause cancers or thyroid disease  5 to 45 years later.


As the chemical and food industry vehemently asserts, small amounts are harmless.  This is true.  But they neglect to mention that since we do not totally detoxify the everyday bombardment of “harmless” amounts of chemicals that we inhale and ingest, they silently stockpile (bioaccumulate) in our tissues. The experts say this is not harmful?  Studies are not routinely done on  the effects of one chemical decades later, much less the synergistic (expotentially damaging) effect of multiple chemicals.


Did you know that heavy metals displace minerals?  What is in your bones if not calcium and other minerals??  Lead displaces calcium!!!


By now you can understand the seriousness of this problem.  The question is what are you going to do about it? 


Several detoxification options are available through my office.



Let the healing begin!!



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