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Eliminate Allergy Symptoms

AL-J Extract

The benefits are evident.



The benefits are evident.


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Allergies - Allergic Rhinitis (seasonal and non-seasonal)

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, is usually triggered by plant pollens. In the spring-trees, summer-grass and weeds, In the fall-weeds

Non-seasonal Allergic Rhinitis, is usually triggered by airborne irritants such as dust, mold, smoke, animal dander, straw or hay, chemicals and food sensitivities






  • runny nose
  • congested (stuffed up) nose
  • itchy nose and throat
  • watery eyes
  • coughing and sneezing
  • fatigue

Gastrointestinal Symptoms:

  • earaches
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • asthma
  • rashes
  • chronic sinusitis

So, What Can You Do?

For temporary relief try:







For Long Term Relief:
You need to address the real cause of this inflammatory condition

1.Food Allergy
2.Intestinal inflammation(transverse colon)
3.Liver congestion
4.Exposure to toxins
5.Inhibited Lymphatic drainage



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